This week’s poster review: The Butler

This week I want to talk about the movie poster from the upcoming film “The Butler”, starring Forest Whitaker, Terrence Howard, Oprah Winfrey, James Marsden, Lenny Kravitz, among others. Besides having an all-star cast, the movie promises to deliver a great many accounts in American politics, ranging from President Eisenhower to Reagan.

The Butler is based on the true story of Eugene Allen, a black butler who worked at the White House for more than thirty years, through times of segregation and the civil rights movement. Danny strong, who wrote the screenplay for the fictional account of Mr. Allen’s life, created a work based on an article that he found interesting. For more on Strong’s account of how he brought Eugene Allen’s story to life, read this interview in the Boston Globe.

I found two posters that were connected to this movie. As you know from previous posts on poster design, I always like to include more than one design and let you decide which one you prefer. I usually include an illustrated one (if there is one) and the Photoshop design as well.

Here is the “Photoshopped” one, as I like to call them. In this image we can figure out what the story is without the need of any text. The attire of the protagonist is telling us he works serving. From his surroundings, we know he’s in the White House. He’s looking outside, watching how the world changes and civil rights become a reality. All of this during his role as a butler. Now, does that tell us anything about the movie? Yes. However, this design could be improved by removing the names of the actors (although stellar ones as they are) and keep the window clear of text. I would also make the text for the director and writer smaller. It’s too big and it becomes distracting.

Let’s now take a look at the illustrated one. It’s simple, it has the American Flag which tells us it’s related to the White House or American politics, and the figure of a butler. This one combines photography with illustration. The way it’s been done renders a messy result. I would’ve preferred a more subtle, minimalistic approach. Also, the font used for the actors, director and writer does not work with the movie. I’m not sure what the designer was trying to do here. Perhaps have a handwritten-like font to demonstrate the humble background of our protagonist.

So, I’m thinking, is that why this font was used? I think the overall composition doesn’t work for me. It seems a little random. For that reason, I would pick the first one as a better design and a better composition.



What are your thoughts?

Thanks again for reading!

This week’s movie poster review: Hell Baby

Today I want to talk about the Hell Baby Teaser Poster.
Firstly, let’s give a short synopsis of the film to understand it better and, thus, find out if the poster has visually communicated the message successfully.

The movie – a horror comedy -, written and directed by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, is about an expectant couple, played by Leslie Bibb and Rob Corddry, who move into a haunted house. Strange things start happening and they call the Vatican to save them from a demonic baby with the help of their best exorcist team. 

Well, that’s a very brief description of the movie, but enough to give us an idea of what it’s all about. Below is the teaser poster that Millenium Entertainment released earlier in the year.

Hell Baby Teaser Poster

So, what do I like about this poster? Because I DO like this one. First of all, I am slightly biased towards illustrated posters. Why? I guess because they exude more creativity than their photoshopped brothers. And I’m not saying I don’t like the photoshopped kind, I am a big fan of Photoshopping and of some of those posters, but let’s leave that discussion for another time and stay focused on the design at hand.
First of all, it does what it’s supposed to do. It sends the right message. The illustration of a pregnant woman with a demon fetus rocking it, already tells us it’s a demonic comedy. No doubt about that. The font, although it has the characteristics of a more gothic typography, is “relaxed” enough to work with the overall design of the poster. I love the simplicity, the colours work perfectly; red being, as we all know, the colour associated with the devil.

Now, let’s look at the promotional poster that was released more recently:

Looking at this design, I wouldn’t be sure whether it is a comedy solely based on the graphics. I would have to know the directors and writers to be sure.
And that title font…? Uhmmm….











What are your thoughts? Don’t be shy and share your opinion.

Once again, thanks for reading and happy week!

Sketchplanations, brilliant!

Once in a while one always comes across some brilliant idea that one HAS to share with whoever is interested. This week I found this link somehow (I believe through Twitter, you can follow me @OrmigaDesign if you want to follow my daily ramblings) and I hadn’t had a chance to check it out until today. So, I did. I was so pleased, that I subscribed to get a daily sketchplanation.

In the words of its creator, London-based designer Jono Hey, a sketchplanations is “a sketch – as explaining is a handy skill”. To read more on this clever designer, check out his site here.

But, I won’t hold the suspense any longer. I will share my source of joy with you right now.

Go to

and check out the useful “advice on a sketch” with new entries on a regular basis. They are all greatly drawn and some are really brilliant.

So, if you enjoyed it as much as I did, do subscribe and get your sketchplanation on a daily basis.

Enjoy and, once again, thanks for reading!

Happy Sunday evening! 🙂

R.I.P. AltaVista

I found an article on a blog called “The Branding Source” on AltaVista’s logo history. I thought it was interesting and relevant, so I wanted to share it.

I remember back in the days of dial-up Internet and few search engines like WebCrawler and AltaVista. I remember the latter became my favourite, until I heard the word Google and how it was such a great search engine. I remember using it once and saying goodbye forever to AltaVista. This was sometime in 1999 or 2000. I can’t quite remember anymore. Time just runs to places I cannot fathom.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that the search engine was shutting down Monday. Yes, this past Monday July 8th.

“What?” I said to myself, “it’s still online?” I had completely forgotten about it. In fact, I couldn’t remember whether the name was AltaVista or HastalaVista. Yeah, cruel, I know… but in the world of Internet, that’s how it goes. Their logo never made much of an impression on me, but I always like reading about redesigned brands that are still thriving, dead ones or almost defunct.

So, here it is. Enjoy the read. I know I liked it. It’s always nice to learn something new.

Thanks for reading!

Long time no speak…

Well, it has been quite a long time since my last post. I am planning on changing that and posting on a more regular basis. From design news, inspiration to tips and tricks and creative work that I do to share with you all. Whether it’s a project for a client or a personal project.

I would love requests on what you would like to read on this blog. If you are a designer, what would interest you? If you are a business with the need of design work, what are your struggles? I’m open to suggestions and topics that would enable a conversation to the world out there. Let’s share knowledge and creativity!

I will also start posting about other professionals that I have found a pleasure working with. Perhaps have them post something once a month and talk a little about themselves. What do you guys out there think? I just thought of it and I am kind of loving that idea!

Let’s keep the silence out and let’s get on talking!

Thanks for reading 🙂


Her head rested on his chest. They were both naked and sweaty after sharing their bodies with each other. She lay there, pensive; thinking about the answer to the question he had just asked. She didn’t really want to reply, but she knew she couldn’t hold quiet. He would get restless and ask her again. “What is it that you want?” He had inquired. A question in nature so simple… and yet, so damn difficult to answer…

“I guess” she finally said “I want the simple things in life: joy, happiness, freedom…”

“And how are those things simple?” he asked with a cheeky smile. He felt philosophical and ready to pick her brain.

“Well…” she started, returning the smile “… they are within us to accomplish. Therefore, the only thing standing in our way is ourselves.” She blinked an eye at him. He noticed she was being slightly coy.

“Now you are just going around the bushes. Why don’t you say what you really want to say?” He asked, looking at her with his penetrating brown eyes.

She felt as if he was studying her soul, reading into her eyes and discovering the truth that lay beneath them. She didn’t like it when he knew more than she wanted to tell, although she loved that he knew her so well.

She knew what she wanted. Or did she? She thought she did. She didn’t want to utter the words because that meant expressing what was in her heart and she wasn’t ready for that. Furthermore, she knew HE wasn’t ready for it. He enjoyed her company, but to what point?, she wasn’t sure. He was hard to decipher.

“I want you” She wanted to say, but the thought of the words leaving her lips dried her mouth and created a knot in her stomach. She just couldn’t.

She smiled instead.

“Why do you have to be so fastidious? Wants come and go. What I want today might not necessarily be the same I’ll want tomorrow or a week from today. What do you want?”

She stroked his bare chest, his skin soft under her touch.

He closed his eyes, lived the moment, thought of nothing but the question. He knew what he wanted, but did she want to hear it?

“No, no, pretty lady. You don’t get to do that.” He said, held her by the wrists and sat on her, looking deep into her green eyes. His stare was so intimidating she had to look away.

“Do what?” She asked, perfectly aware of what he meant.

“Return the question before answering it.” He said, letting lose one of her writs, and passing his fingers through her chest and stomach. She felt slightly aroused and moved her neck up to kiss him. He moved away, teasing and punishing her.

“Nope. Not before you answer. What do you want?”

“Why do you want to know so bad?”

“Because I am a curious person and it’s a simple question. Why do you have to make it more complicated than it really is?”

“That’s a matter of perception.” She replied, slightly annoyed.

“So it is. But you are still evading the question, and the more you do, the more I wonder why.” He said, playful, aware of her displeasure.

“Let’s make a deal. Let’s leave the question on the table and I’ll answer it when it feels right for me to answer it, whatever it is that I want.”

“Fair enough.” He said, smiling, drawing her closer to him, kissing her neck,  folding his fingers with hers, his breath in her ear, softly, he whispers.

“I know what I want. I want you.” She sighs as a mild smile grows on her face. He kisses her lips.


Welcome to my inner soul

I don’t usually write in English, but when I do, I thought it’d be a great idea to share with all of you out there who care to read it.

Therefore, I have decided to add a category in my blog for writing, as it’s another one of my creative outlets. I hope you guys enjoy it and send your comments and feedback, as it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!