Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not one to celebrate the day, but I don’t see any reasons not to experiment with new designs using different approaches (ribbon is one that I’ve started enjoying lately).

To wish you all, whether you are single or have a better half, a Happy Valentine’s day. I especially do want to dedicate these designs to all single people out there who love themselves:)

So here are some designs I played around with:

Origami hearts (background paper is Neenah’s Texture Esse CVR 105lb, pearlized white).

A ribbon experiment with the same paper as above in the background. Not as easy as it seems to shape the ribbon.

Finally, a card created with watercolor postcard paper. A pattern created on Illustrator was printed on the card and then traced with red glitter. The hearts I did as Origami shapes and glued them to the card. I added glitter to unify it with the red glitter.

Have a great day and may all your days be as happy. Love should be an on-going thing, so keep it flourishing!

Here’s a little background history to Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for reading!


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