J. Edgar movie poster review

In this post I want to talk about the poster for the new Clint Eastwood movie J. Edgar, which comes out   in theatres November 9th.

I chose this one because I found two different designs and I thought it would be an interesting contrast to see the different approaches.

The first one I want to discuss is this black and white version. The only text we have is about the director, the name of the movie (the powerful signature of J. Edgar Hoover), a tag line and the month the movie will be released. Is it enough? YES. We don’t know who the main actor is, but we know who’s directed it, which gives us an idea of the caliber of the movie. This is shown in a condensed sans serif font, unconspicuously enough not to take over the poster. It also gives us the powerful image that is the signature. It’s unique in its own way, since every signature is so by definition. Then there’s the tag line and the month. The tag line is overshadowed by the month -which is displayed in a larger size- but it stands on it’s own, giving the viewer the opportunity to draw his/her attention to it after seeing when the movie will come out. Both the tag line and the month are typed in a modern serif font, “serious” enough to gives us the impression that the movie is a drama.

Now, let’s compare it to this more commercial poster. I have actually seen this one displayed on the billboards, not the previous one.

This one tells us  more about the movie, for instance, who the main actor is (by title and image), the tag line is still there, the date is still one of the most prominent objects in the poster. We have all the information about the movie (production, directing, cast, etc…). The signature is still there, but in this poster it’s overshadowed by the powerful image of DiCaprio in his role as Hoover.

It’s still an effective poster, and it gives the viewers more information so that they can chose to view it based on the director, the actor or the subject.

Personally, I think the previous one has more of a shock factor, but I believe that one was more of a teaser poster and not meant for the widespread commercial distribution that this second one was designed for.

Overall, both tell a story, one by simplicity and a powerful signature, the other by imagery which showcases the character of the person whose name gives title to the film.

If you want to know more about this upcoming movie, read here.

Next time I’ll be discussing the new Batman – The Dark Knight Rises – poster.

Thank you for reading! 🙂


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