Ormiga Design’s approach to design is one of creativity, inspiration and curiosity. The first step is always to meet with the client to find out if we are the right fit for each other. We then like to assess the needs of the project and prepare an estimate based on the information provided by the client and some initial research.

Ormiga Design will sometimes work with other professionals, such as copywriters, full developers and others to bring the best solutions to their clients.
At Ormiga Design we like to laugh, we care about the client relationships we build and love the challenge of resolving a problem.

Thank you for stopping by and don’t hesitate to shoot us an email if you have any questions. Enjoy your visit! Also, send us your recommendations of what you’d like to read on our blog.


NataliaNatalia has been a digital designer for over ten years. After graduating from Concordia University in Montreal, she worked in several in-house teams as a web designer, mobile devices designer and print designer.

She started Ormiga Design a year after she moved to Toronto and after she had completed her Masters in Multimedia Technologies from an Open University in Barcelona, Spain.

She has worked in many different projects, ranging from book layout design to web applications, furniture catalogues and other branding and marketing assets. She loves dealing with clients and brining the best solutions to their business.

Mr. Ed


Mr.Ed passed away last Friday January 24, 2014. She will always be part of our team in spirit, and we will miss her cheerful presence. R.I.P. Ed!


herkyHercules is a ginger/blonde nine year old tabby that captivated Natalia with his lively eyes and playful manners. Hercules is a master networker, always using his charm and social skills to attract attention. His role at Ormiga is to supervise everyone while sitting on his favorite pillow or lying down on the desk. Besides managing everything at Ormiga, Hercules enjoys chasing small flies and playing with the shower curtain.



PK joined Ormiga Design in 2011, when she was adopted by Natalia after spending two weeks with her. She was originally a foster cat, and Natalia was looking after her when the friends who were fostering her went on vacation. She quickly found her way around the office and contributed by napping among books, next to the keyboard or took it upon her to use the pen-pad as she saw fit. 

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